Guys, I think I have an obsession with limos now. Just look at this:


Ain’t it beautiful?

I took a ride the other day with the blokes over at CBD limousines and RSV the other day, and they are straight up fantastic.

Several of the old styled limos are classified in a particular group, like classic, antique, or vintage. These vehicles are classified in terms of the quality, age, and value. Below are some of the major differences involving the limo types:


Because models fabricated as late as 1930 will be accepted by some groups, yet, there isn’t a definite date range of the vintage limousines. While still keeping the first appearance a vintage vehicle can receive modifications. That isn’t an alternative with the vintage and timeless models.


Any limo which is called a classic must be at least 20 years old and not produced before 1925. This type of vehicle isn’t permitted any type of adjustment work and must be kept true to the original features and design. The vintage limousine has the capacity to gain more in this respect as it gives more flexibility in regards to making updates or small alterations.


A classic limousine is generally considered a vehicle fabricated at least 45 years past. However, the ability to classify a vehicle is usually determined by the individual state. A unique license plate may be used and these are issued by the state. Plus, it is crucial that state and the look of the antique autos are kept exactly the same as the first makers layout and description.

Securing a classy ride

Hiring the classic cars during special event is sure to supply the most refined form of transport.
Most limo companies have one or two models available to hire and just won’t have a fleet of the antique or classic vehicles. For this reason it is vital to start studying nicely in advance to make sure it’s likely to find the desired vehicle.

Aside from the limo leasing companies, it is also not impossible to make contact with vintage lease clubs and local classic. Plus, it will be required to seek out anyone who has the right sort of insurance policy in place that permits commercial use.

With such a wide range of specifics and categorizations for the limo, it is likely to lease a vehicle which is perfect for just about any type of occasions that are coming.

How to prepare a budget for your life changing goal

Want to be a successful entrepreneur? Then, the significance of preparing a budget must not be overlooked. It is important because the budget acts as a guideline for all the expected income and expenses which allows comparison between the actual and the anticipated numbers. It is also an indicator of how well your business is going.

A budget is actually very flexible due to it can be created in any way that is comfortable for you. You can use a computer, business accounting software or even a pencil and paper to prepare it. Prepare a monthly budget so you can analyze the actual numbers and the forecasted numbers whether it is at close intervals.

To prepare a home cleaning budget, you need to first create a table on a spreadsheet. Firstly, key in the unchanging expenses such as premise, utilities and loan payments. Averaging the past expenses in each category will determine the budgeted expenses, insert the figures in to the section with the “Budgeted” subheading for expenses. Unless you are just starting a new business, conduct analysis base on the costs associated with your business to determine your budget.

After that, insert the forecasted income in another section with the “Budgeted” subheading “income”. After every month, insert your actual income into the “Actual columns.

Lastly, the difference between the actual numbers and the budgeted figures are determined. Input the figures in the “Difference” column and find out the reason the budgeted figures varied from the actual numbers not regarding if you incurred more expenses and income than expected. Get things going really quickly. 

Limousines, Tuna, Basketball?

Yes it’s true. I ate a tuna sandwich at the back of a powerful limousine in Melbourne. Wait what?

Here’s what I know about Melbourne – it’s an amazing city I would not do anything differently the next time I am there. It’s a fantastic place. If you have plenty of people walking around trying to build businesses the right way, you should go to Melbourne. You’ll learn so much about the culture, the people and the fantastic people.

I got a chance to take a limousine from the airport back to the York Butter Factory – a brilliant place where plenty of people spend their time. There are so many people who look to crush it on the internet here, it’s a community of start ups and entrepreneurs. My kind of people.

Make sure you check them out the next time you are here. Melbourne is going to become the next big hub of entertainment and money making – I guarantee it.

On another note – Sydney’s not too bad as well. The last time I headed down there, there were plenty of people who were surfing and just generally having a ball of things – I would love to have that lifestyle – this isn’t something you can get back here in New York I reckon. Make sure you holla at me the next time you are down here. We’ll connect and make some money together. Let’s boogie and build dynasties together.

There’s an amazing start up I thought was really awesome over here in Melbourne – they go by the names Omny. They are a customization radio service that allows you to pre plan the kind of shows you’d want to listen to online. This is actually really cool I think you should check them out. Hopefully you like them and enjoy what they are doing!

I don’t want to take up too much of your time – I’m supposed to be back in the States soon cause I have a flight to catch – I’ll speak to you soon!

Is CFSRF Dead?

No. It is not. And here’s why.

Over the past few years of so, we have dedicated ourselves to building a phenomenal business and brand. There are so many things we have coming down the pipeline right now that we just cannot tell you about because it remains proprietary information. What we want to inform you here, is a new re-branding of our website.

Counterfeit Slow Riot Funds. That’s what we are all about – and we will continue to bring you the latest and best information available on the website. I hope you enjoy the dearth of information available here all the time.

See, the big guys and the capitalists hate us. Deep down, we are 99% and pose significant threat to everything we stand for. Think about it this way – there are plenty of people out there on the internet looking to do good and make a change, but we get stepped on all the time. It really sucks, we get pushed aside in order for the big firms out there to chase profits and continue the riches.

Which is why we fully have the backing of Occupy Wall Street. These guys inspire us to do good and make a huge change in the world – and we hope that by writing this article you will share it and our cause will continue to grow. Hopefully you see the merits in us by now! We strongly believe in what we stand for, and what we stand for is justice to the little guy. Is that really too much to ask? Apparently so.

We also have the backing of some of the prominent internet bloggers around, such as MLM Fastlane and IWTYTBR. These guys epitomize everything we stand for and they have been vocal in supporting our cause – which is honestly something not many people can help us do. Hopefully these pieces of content stick around as inspirations for success. I will make everyone of you accountable for the successes we have here.

Funds are evil. Lets not get into that. In Australia, Tony Abbott might be a cheery fellow, but deep down he is evil. His plan to stop the boats and make every single thing a small business that nobody truly cares about is horrendous. Where are the jobs going to go? How about climate change? All these things add up, and not for the better. It is the exact same thing over here in the United States, sadly. Capitalism is rampant, and just makes me feel like I have absolutely no control over who we are as a society and no ability to impact change at all. This isn’t ideal. Hopefully you’ll agree with me, that there definitely is a better way.

Only with your support, we can rise up and fight capitalism. The Umbrella Movements in Hong Kong, the uprising in Libya and many other parts of the world exemplify what we do best – bringing about change. We wish you all the best!

Moving forward, we wanna thank our supporters for believing in us all these while – we love all our followers to death and we will continue to inspire and help others, just the way we know how by building awareness one small piece at the time. Fingers crossed and we hope this works out for us!

Are You Truly Safe?

How will you be safe if there are people chasing you all over the place. There are so many things to consider if you are building your business the right way – you really don’t want to mess this up.

I’ve seen so many cases these days about safety issues all over town. This is a major concern, because there are plenty of people out there on the internet who are looking to do you harm. You really don’t want that to happen at all.

Make sure you do keep things safe. Walk around with companions especially late at night. You don’t really want to take the risk of being around the dangerous people. If you have so many people running around the world looking to do terrible things to one another, you might have to consider strategies to combat this right away.

If you are not doing the right thing, leave the organization and find something else to do. If you are a girl, carry Mace around you at all times. Consider taking self defense classes and much much more. Do everything you can to succeed, because you always need to give yourself every advantage you can possibly give yourself.

That’s all the advice from me for now! I hope you do well in all your future undertakings. Watch your butt. You might get hurt, real bad.